Where Would You Look For the Best Neurosurgeon?

Presence of big names in neurosurgery in Delhi makes it very difficult to make a choice when it comes to choosing the best neurosurgeon in Delhi. But I would say that it is a family decision or, rather, a personal choice.

It is worrisome to have a medical condition related to brain, nerves or spinal cord but you require a thorough checkup by a neurosurgeon that is the only person that can give the right opinion on your condition.


How would you find a neurosurgeon that is right for you? Here’re the important factors to consider when looking for a neurosurgeon.


It is your physician that would advice you to see a neurosurgeon. He can suggest a neurologist with his advice. Or you can ask your family members or friends with a medical history related to neuro to suggest neurosurgeons. Referrals will narrow down your search for the best doctor.


Consider age and gender

It’s important you feel comfortable while discussing your problem with your doctor. A doctor of your age and gender is more like a friend than a medical practitioner. You will feel more comfortable in discussing the problem with him.


Check hospital quality

You will meet a neurosurgeon in a hospital where you will get complete treatment from diagnosis to surgery, if needed. A good hospital would be an added advantage because it would boost the capabilities of the doctor. You should do some homework like whether the hospital has the services needed for taking care of a neuro patient.


Evaluate communication style

A neurosurgeon must be a good listener so that he allows you to complete your discussion. Also, he should use soft tone while describing a medical condition and writing prescription. What is more important is he should be available for immediate help even when the help is sought over a phone call.


Read reviews of patients

A former patient of a neurosurgeon could give the right feedback about the doctor. An experienced neurologist would certainly have a number of satisfied patients. If you approach those patients, they will tell you more about the doctor. Today neurosurgeons publish patients’ feedbacks on their websites and social profiles. But you can dig deeper to find more reviews.


Take clues from your health insurance policy

If you have a health insurance cover, you are entitled to get financial help from your insurer but there would be limitations on the expenditure. For example, depending on the insurance policy, you could go to selected hospitals for treatment. Also, there would be a cap on your medical expenses. If you are getting treated under insurance cover then you would have to follow the terms and conditions of the policy.



The above-mentioned factors could help in your selection for the best neurosurgeon in Delhi. Instead of getting worried about a medical condition, treatment and outcome, you should look for a credible neurosurgeon that can understand your problem and suggest the right treatment that fits into your pocket.

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